The Heirs – currently watching drama

Hi, I am writing from my phone 🙂
It’s been a while … I’m sorry but I have been occupied by the university.
But I’m here to tell you that I’m watching the new drama of Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho “The heirs”. It is very good and I think all fans of kdramas have been waiting to see this couple, I hope it won’t disappoint us …

Are you following this drama? Is it good?

If anyone is still looking where to watch this drama, here are the links:

The Heirs Episode 1 
The Heirs Episode 2
The Heirs Episode 3 
The Heirs Episode 4 
The Heirs Episode 5 
The Heirs Episode 6 
The Heirs Episode 7 

…Episode 7 is where i am now. You can click any link and find the right episode you are looking for.

heirs korean drama


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